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LuminoCity Festival Winter Stage Awards

November 23, 2019 - January 5, 2020

Luminocity festival

LuminoCity is an experiential attraction celebrating cultural diversity and creativity through a program of performing arts, themed nights, and 20 acres of light art. The event is projected to attract 200,000 - 400,000 visitors to Randall's Island during its inaugural run November 23, 2019 through January 5, 2020.

Deadline to enter: sep 30th, 2019

Performances we are seeking

We are opening our stage to local performing artists to share their talents with the community of New York City as well as the millions of tourists that will be passing through the city during the 2019 holiday season.


What we have and what you need

You bring your performance, instruments, tools, props. Whatever you need to put on a show that will captivate the audience.

LuminoCity will provide you with an audience of up to 15,000 visitors per night, a spacious stage measuring 16’ x 20’, and the necessary audio/visual equipment.



What we have and what you need


What we have and what you need

In addition to our nightly performances we are offering special themed nights. Dress-up and take part in the fun as we celebrate the following themes:

Nov 30th, 2019

Cosplay All Day
(anime,comic and games)

Cosplayers, heroes and villains alike ASSEMBLE! Our Immersive Lantern Journey wants your brightest and best Winter-themed Idol Dances for an evening performance that New York will never forget. Do your props light up? Can you take charge of a stage?

Dec 07th, 2019

Hanfu-sion night

In partnership with the China Institute, we would like to transport you back in time to experience a traditional Chinese experience with modern elements where you will perform in a way that pays homage to traditional art and style as well as exploring modern reinterpretations such as, but not limited to Han Fu, Peking Opera, and Guzheng.

Dec 21st, 2019

let it glow! Christmas

Spread Christmas cheer to an audience that has the Christmas spirit. Bring your best Christmas themed experiences to an audience most merry.
Give the gift of laughter with a comedy show, brighten up audiences with a performance of a Miracle of 34th Street, or recruit some elves and perform as Santa!

Dec 21st, 2019


A procession of hundreds of visitors in sparkling costumes, hats and accessories, culminating in special light art performances where you are the main attraction!

Click the link below. Fill out form. Hit submit. That's it!


Perform before an audience of up to 15,000 locals and tourists

VIP Tickets to LuminoCity festival as well as some amazing festival swag

Entrance into the Winter Stage Awards.

Promotion via our social channels as well as our digital marketing and PR partners.

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