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Lumi traveled through the darkness. In the far distance, he had seen specks of light, but the only light of which he was sure, was the light he created within himself. He could not remember where his journey started. He did not know why he had chosen to travel in this direction, but inside he knew that he was close to someplace special and the light within him swelled.

In the distance, he saw a beautiful beam of light shooting into the air. As he got closer and closer his sense of wonder grew. He had found the gate to “LUMI-noCity.” Lumi was amazed. This city was perfect for him - it even shared his name!
So now, just like you, Lumi’s journey into this world of light begins. What will he discover? Whom will he meet? Are you as curious and excited as Lumi?


After passing through the gates, Lumi encountered a breathtaking unicorn. “Hello Lumi,” she said with a warm, knowing smile. “How does she know my name?” Lumi thought. “We’re glad you’re back among us”. “Back? But this is my first time here,” he thought. The light from the Unicorn’s horn began to glow, and Lumi felt at one with the light. "Lumi," she said gently, "in this season of long nights, the time we celebrate with others shines even brighter. You have much to learn tonight, Lumi, and your sweetest rewards will be the ones you share." In a flash, her horn cast a beam of light, streaking the sky like a comet! Lumi’s adventure had just begun.

Christmas Tree

The first thing to catch Lumi’s attention was a beautiful fir tree. Lumi had never seen such a tall tree. But it seemed incomplete. Then, Lumi saw the people standing around the tree, holding hands and singing songs together. It inspired him. Lumi created string the lights - dozens of little Lumis united by a wire. Then he sent his light through them, and the tree it up in a beautiful barrage of colors. Sleeping inside the tree, several squirrels and an owl, were startled by the light, and scampered off deeper into the forest. Lumi playfully chased after them, wondering who else he would meet.


Lumi wandered away from the Unicorn’s path and found a whole new adventure, one filled with massive lizards who had never seen electricity and never met a lightbulb like himself. Lumi reached out to shake the dinosaur’s tiny hands but was met by a toothy roar. Lumi was surprised and shaken to his core: his own filament went dark as he ran away. The dinosaur chased after Lumi, splashing through creeks and knocking down trees. Lumi hid behind a warm mountain, surprised to learn that not everyone is as happy to meet him.
It was time to move on, and recharge his light.


Lumi discovered the rock next to him was, in fact, a simmering volcano. Inside the volcano was warmth and light, magma and...dinosaur eggs. When Lumi touched them, they lit from within. At that moment, he understood why the dinosaur had chased him: the dinosaur didn’t think Lumi was a threat, he just didn’t know that Lumi was a friend! Even animals that roar and chase you can be loving parents when protecting their eggs. Lumi hugged one of the eggs and felt his glow returning. He caught his breath and left the volcano.

Bamboo Forest

Beyond the volcano, Lumi found a lush forest filled with animals he had never before seen. He found a family of black and white pandas, lazily chewing on lengths of bamboo. Lumi couldn’t even dent the bamboo with his teeth. “Isn’t there anything else you’d like to eat?” Lumi suggested. The Papa Panda smiled. “No. Pandas love bamboo. Other animals don’t, but they can be happy eating other things. It’s just more for them, and more bamboo for us.”

The panda chuckled as Lumi picked bamboo fibers from his teeth. In their shared laughter, Lumi felt his light brighten, and with the baby pandas, they made shadow-puppets against the stone cliffs by the waterfalls. “We have more in common than we don’t,” the Papa Panda told Lumi. “Remember this on your journey, for there is a sweet reward for people who practice kindness.” With that, the panda winked, and Lumi said his good-byes.

Land of Candy

The smell of hot chocolate. The sounds of wrappers unfurling and children giggling led Lumi to a third and wondrous world: The Neighborhood of Sweets! Taffy, nougat, chocolate, frosted cupcakes, and sugared fruits sparkled like a field of stars.

A little girl came up to Lumi and offered him a basket. "You have to try everything," she said. "This time of year it's OK to have lots of treats!" Lumi took the basket, but he didn't know what to do. "Come with me. Fill you basket. Then, we'll share!" She called and ran ahead . Lumi followed.

Soon he had gathered licorice and chocolate squares, candy canes and sugar plums. The little girl picked bubble gum and candy corn, peanut butter cups and lemon drops. Then they shared, and the candy tasted even sweeter. The little girl hugged Lumi, and he hugged her back - and his light glowed warm and wide.

“This is why we have these festivals,” Lumi thought, “so we can share and learn from each other. I am not just a single light. I am a member of a community.” Lumi joined children and their families in holding hands. With a basket full of sugar and ears filled with songs, he was sure that he had traveled to the right place. His light and the light of LuminoCity were one, and together they shown brighter than ever.

He understood now that the light that shines brightest, is the one in your heart.