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The Magical wonderlanD

3 Distinct Light Art Experiences    |    12 Acres of Light Art

of Lights

2019 Festival Map

The Winter Fantasy

This frozen world of blue and white transports people to the very top of the world on a crystal-clear winter night to experience mountains of glistening snow, brilliant trees stretching up into the darkness and spectacular castles towering above the terrain.

The Winter Fantasy


A representation of both fantasy and light, the Skating Unicorn stands 13’ tall and is covered in LED lights — its multi-star decorations glisten over blue and purple satin with smaller blinking acrylic balls decorating the surrounding ground.


Decorated with multi-star LED blinking lights that flicker between hues of blue and purple. The Castle In The Clouds measures 19’5” by 22’11,” emerging from a base of clouds that measures 29’5” by 49’1” with the widest point at 35’ across. Visitors may climb the clouds and ride down a 9’8” tall slide that features interactive lighting elements.



In a forest frosted by snow, lights cascading over the trees cast enchanting expressions of light and shadow! The Frosted Forest features 12 ice-covered trees with the tallest standing 13’1” above the ground — the entire area measures 49’2” by 32’9” is covered by blinking LED icicles and snow flakes that create a shimmering meteor shower effect.


The Icy Valley measures 98’ by 82’ and features penguins and polar bears roving an arctic environment. See if you can spot one sly fox! Ice covered trees vary in height from 4’11” to 9’8” and semi-transparent satin fabric combine with LED snowflakes to produce a blinking meteor shower effect!


The Frosted Christmas Trees

Of these five magnificent frosted Christmas trees, the tallest soars 39’5” above the ground with a 19’8” diameter base. The two middle-sized trees each stand 22’11” tall with 11’4” diameter bases. And the two smallest trees each stand 16’3” tall with 8’2” diameter bases.

The Arctic Freeze

The Arctic Freeze is a place for ice monsters of all kinds — a true tundra with ice spikes emerging from the ground and standing between 6’6” and 16’5” tall, flanking the sides of a 65’62” long pathway that cuts through the frozen landscape decorated with LED lights and semitransparent satin fabric.


The Frozen Field

The Frozen Field features sculptures of snowflakes and ice formations — satin fabric and LED lights decorate a reflective acrylic surface that covers the ground. This wintery environment is the last leg before an epic journey into warmer territory.

2019 Festival Map


This flourishing land of life and beauty brings you flora and fauna from all around the world, and from different time periods! A beautiful waterfall, hair-raising T-rex, and trippy mushrooms are just the beginning in this wonderful world!

The Wild Adventure

The BiFengXia Panda Reserve

Take a trip over 7,000 miles away to the Bifengxia Panda Reserve — an important panda research and breeding facility in Ya’an within China’s Sichuan province — home to some of the world’s largest pandas. This colorful installation measures 98’5” by 82’1” with a height of 22’11” — semi-transparent satin fabric and LED lights create a waterfall effect surrounded by 9 Pandas, 3 Monkeys, and 3 Red Pandas that all come to life through animatronics.

The Mushroom Forest

The tallest peak of this fantastical scene stands 16’4” tall. The footprint of the entire installation measures 98’4” by 32’8” and features LED lights that cover the ground, as well as smaller mushroom fixtures that glow with fluorescent light. The mushroom forest enchants visitors with delicious mushrooms of light!



We’re showcasing the most beautiful creatures that the Amazon has to offer! The tallest peak of this lush rainforest scene stands at 16’4” in height. The entire area measures 65’7” by 32’8” and features 19 unique animal light sculptures.


A land before-time where incredible creatures roam the land and a huge volcano lets off some steam. This colorful prehistoric environment measures 65’5” by 98’5” in total area. Tropical plants decorate the scene standing 13’2” tall as animatronic dinosaurs tower above them at 22’9” tall. Interactive LED lights inside the volcano change color as the structure emits smoke from its peak.

2019 Festival Map


This sugary land is something right out of a confectioner's imagination. A candy-coated wonderland with sweets dripping off the trees and a constellation of Instagram famous cats, this park is sure to warm your heart, and stomach!

The Sweet dream

The Candy Station

Lollipops ranging in height from 3’3" to 19’7”, a pass-way below clearing 7'3", dot the land around this sugary hub. Wind fans below Marilyn Monroe’s skirt standing across the street and LED spot lights shine everywhere.


The Donut Tunnel

It’s a dream come true, a tunnel of donuts! Who wouldn't want a selfie next to these tasty delights? The path through these six donut arches measures 49’3” in length with clearance under the arches at 13’2” above the ground and 16’3” across — LED lights decorate the surrounding ground.

The Constellation Cats

These twelve cat sculptures each represent the top cat influencers online. Celebrating the secular fun of horoscopes, each cat embodies a sign of the zodiac. Each cat stands 4’11” tall among thirty macaroon light sculptures ranging in height between 1’6” and 3’4” with LED starlight fixtures twinkling upon the surrounding ground. With a total Instagram following of over 4.4 million between all the cats, this may well be the most star-studded cat lineup of all time!


The Sweet Forest

The tallest tree in this colorful candy-filled scene stands at 22’11” tall and features cotton fibers wrapped in LED multi-star fixtures. The installation’s total area measures 91’9” by 98’ with LED spotlight fixtures installed inside and outside the candy sculptures. Alongside The Sweet Forest, a candy mountain range stands 13’2” tall with a surrounding rainbow field of candies covered in LED lights.

Christmas Presents

The Christmas Presents feature a colorful display of light sculptures that capture the joy and wonder of waking up to an abundance of gifts! The gift boxes feature LED spotlight fixtures and the heart-shaped gift box features an LED multi-star design. The entire installation measures 13’2” by 9’9” and stands 32’9” high.



This hungry caterpillar has rolling eyes and a mouth that opens 11’6” high by 14’9” wide inviting visitors to walk through its 49’3” long body where they’ll happen upon dynamic light art displays! 60 LED colored globes ranging in height from 1’7” to 4’11” decorate the field surrounding the caterpillar with 27 additional animal light sculptures that also feature animatronic movement.


Peaks of frosting drip deliciously before you as you walk through this dream of baked delights! The Cake Terraces vary in height from 13’2” to 16’3” tall. The entire installation measures 98’42” by 65’7” with eight rotating lollipop light sculptures placed throughout the installation.

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