2019 Holiday Market

The Holiday Market was the perfect stop to enjoy more festivities after experiencing all the lights. With nightly live performances, food from around the world, warm beverages, and cool knick knacks for purchase, the Holiday Market was a hit with all visitors.

Woah! Look at this majestic unicorn. It’s so large, it looks so familiar 🧐! I don’t know, should I go say hi?


Fantasy takes flight with this mythical creature. Decorated with stunning icy surroundings, it’s the perfect welcome to the Winter Fantasy park.

This castle came out of nowhere, wasn’t I just in New York City? Are those clouds, are we in the sky 😍Oh wow, the cloud castle has a slide, I have to go check that out, I can’t wait to feel like the king of the castle!


Fit for an icy kingdom, this castle in the clouds has an attached slide to bring you back down to Earth.

I wonder if I can climb all the way up there and try the candy in that tree, Can’t hurt to try… ohhh noooooo…..ooooooof…. that didn’t hurt at all 🤥

Sweet Forest

This sugary land is something right out of a confectioner's imagination. A candy-coated wonderland with sweets and cuddly creatures dripping off the branches.

Look at all the famous cats, wow, they all have so many followers! They’re cat Instagram stars, and they’re also star constellations, that’s a lot of stars!

The Constellation Cats

12 different social media stars representing the 12 zodiac signs, these furry friends can light up any night, and newsfeed.

Wasn’t I just in a frozen wasteland, now I’m in a beautiful rainforest? But… oh well, it’s so bright here, no need to worry about it!


Transport to the tropics without leaving New York and enjoy different flora and fauna of the Amazon.

What’s is that feeling that I’m having right now? It feels like it’s coming from that big mushroom. It looks like everything around it is changing. Are those tendrils reaching out at me 😱 I think I’m getting out of here!

The Mushroom Forest

A psychedelic wonder, shrink down in size in this towering multi-mushroom kingdom.


Partnering with several community organizations and institutions, LuminoCity Festival offered several engaging and unique workshops for all to partake in. Visitors were able to flex their creative muscles while making their own jewelry or even designing their own lanterns, and more!

Winter Stage

The Winter Stage was a love letter to NYC, giving other artists a stage (literally!) to share their talent with thousands of visitors! More than 30 different artists from dancers, singers, and performers took the stage to wow the audience every night. Visitors were able to vote for their top three favorite acts who won a cash prize through the Winter Stage Awards program.

Themed Nights

Partnering with local organizations, institutions, and artists, LuminoCity was honored to host 4 different themed nights including Cosplay All Day, HanFusion Night, Let it Glow, and Electric Light Tonight to bring more fun to the LuminoCity experience! Each night visitors were encouraged to dress to the theme and enjoy carefully curated programs in the Holiday Tent.

Food and drink

A carefully curated roster of vendors and food trucks from all around NYC served up hearty meals, delicious desserts, and warm beverages to keep the good times rolling.


From one of a kind original Lumi merch to light up headbands, the Holiday Market sold gifts for all to enjoy!