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1. What will I see at the LuminoCity Winter Festival?

The festival will include three main theme parks: Winter Fantasy, Wild Adventure, and Sweet Dream. The first is an icy wonderland perfect for the snowy season. Next up is a wildlife experience that will take you around the world and back in time. Finally, you’ll enter a candy wonderland straight out of your childhood dreams. Each section is connected through a path easy to follow for an experience that will leave you breathless!

2. How does LuminoCity’s shuttle service work?

LuminoCity offers a shuttle service with one ride to and from the LuminoCity Festival. Busses will run between 20 Randall’s Island Park and West 125th Street and vice-versa every 10 minutes from 3:45 p.m. until 11:15 p.m. Tickets are purchased as an add on our ticketing platform during check-out. The QR code on the add-on ticket must be scanned for entry onto the bus.

3. How long will it take to experience the world of light?

The three parks span a total of 12-acres. There is a main path that leads you through Lumi’s Story which should take about 30-40 minutes.

4. What kind of food will be available?

LuminoCity has partnered with a plethora of NYC food truck vendors for warm food, as well as some delicious holiday treats in our warming tent. In addition, our custom LuminoCity bar will offer Lumi themed drinks to light up your night! We are still finalizing our vendors, but a full list will be available here .

5. What kinds of gifts can I get in the holiday shopping destination?

The Holiday Market will be filled with various boutiques to pursue, along with custom LuminoCity merch!

6. How do ticket purchasing work?

Tickets are purchased for individual dates. You may select multiple dates, but each ticket will only grant entrance on the listed date. You can visit this link to find a calendar with a full list of our festival dates, or see for a full list of our ticket policy.

7. Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed on the festival premise. 

8. Is LuminoCity suitable for little children?

LuminoCity is perfect for all ages, it is carefully designed with everyone in mind. Discount prices for children are available. 

9. Who is Lumi?

Lumi is the mascot for the LuminoCity Festival. He is a being from another universe, created from the Unicorn’s horn. He has ended up in NYC with no recollection of his past and is drawn to the LuminoCity festival lights. There he, along with some small companions, will help guide you through the interactive experience that is the LuminoCity 2019 Holiday Festival.

10. Will I get to meet Lumi?

Lumi and his pals can be located all throughout the park! His adventure will be told through different speakers located throughout LuminoCity, so keep your eyes and ears open!

11. Where is the best location for photos and selfies?

This is the most instagrammable event in New York City! Selfie opportunities will be aplenty! Just remember to tag @luminocityfestival and use our official hashtags #luminocityfestival; #lumiadvanture; #worldoflumi 

Ticket Information

What is your ticket/admission policy?

  • Tickets are not refundable. 

  • Tickets grant entrance only on the listed date at any point between listed open and close times. Re-entry is not allowed. 

  • Tickets cannot be altered, exchanged, transferred, or resold for commercial gain.  

  • Entrance into the festival cannot be granted without a valid ticket. 

  • Valid IDs for seniors include all government-issued IDs that show the date of birth. Valid ID for students includes an up-to-date student ID.

  • All visitors are subject to a security check upon entrance. 

  • Event organizers and hired security reserve the right to revoke admission if guest(s) exhibits unacceptable behavior. This includes, but is not limited to; disorderly conduct, carrying/using prohibited items, interfering with /touching the sculptures, etc. 

  • All visitors must abide by Randall’s Island Park rules as set forth by the Park Alliance. A full list of rules can be found on their website. 

  • Event organizers reserve the right to alter and adjust the date, time, and other event details as unforeseen situations arise. 

  • Individuals take full responsible for all loss or damage incurred while on event grounds. 

  • By purchasing this ticket or participating in any activity on the site, participants accepts the terms listed above. 

1. Is there parking on Randall’s Island?

LuminoCity does not provide parking. There is no self-parking at the festival. Please see our Getting There page for alternate transportation. Please see Randall’s Island’s website for more information.   

2. Is there an indoor space that is heated? 

There will be a heated tent. The event will take place both indoors (tent) & outdoors throughout the park. 

3. Is smoking allowed in the parks? 

Smoking is not allowed as it is a fire hazard. The light sculptures are made from satin fabrics, so they are highly flammable. A full list of park rules can be found on their website

4. For business and career inquiries please visit our About Us page.

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